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Psychic Readings 

This page includes information about the many psychic readings offered, an alphabetical listing (including links) of the readings available, as well as testimonials from clients.

If you want to have a greater understanding of your soul and your soul’s needs and energy, get answers to spiritual questions, clarify your spiritual purpose, discover insights or heal and resolve issues and fears, a channeled session from Spirit is for you. Each session is created just for you based on your Spiritual needs. Prior to the session, time will be spent in prayer and meditations establishing a connection to your Soul’s energy so that answers to questions come forward as well as any Spiritual Guidance or messages that Spirit have come through in the channeled reading. Tracey receives messages from Spirit as well as the Higher Self, Soul, in order to know you and your Soul’s energy better.

As a channel of Spirit, the mind is used as an instrument for Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirit Teachers, Archangels and Ascended Masters in order to bring psychic information or healing energy to All. Through the gift of channeling these Etheric World Intelligence enter into the mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness using voice or body to deliver the information and or healing energy. Another definition of channel, perhaps in simpler terms, would be the medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with the physical world. To channel means that there is no need for interpretation of the information or energy being received from Spirit. Thus, the information is passed along just as it is received.

The channeled readings are lengthy, many pages, including a vast amount of Spiritual guidance, insight and messages that are meant to provide the ability to see the illuminated paths on the Eternal journey. Each reading includes three main areas of focus, though at times, Spirit may choose to address more. Three areas can be directed by the receiver of the reading or it can be left open to Spirit to determine what three areas of concern are most important at this stage of the soul’s evolution. Dream Interpretation readings include up to three dreams. Past life, readings include three past lives.

Prepare to be delighted with the Divine insight and messages that are truly healing for the soul. As you experience the Divine messages channeled to you directly from the Spiritual Realms you get loving guidance and a truly spiritual experience of deep soul communion. Tracey has the Divine gift and blessing to channel messages from your Spiritual Family, Spirit Guides and Angels, Spirit Helpers, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Animals. These messages are light-filled messages that answer the deepest questions within the very depths of your soul. Tracey does not use tarot cards or any other tool other than the Divinely Inspired Gift of channeling to deliver these messages and will help you to connect to the energy of your Soul so that you can live in a higher state of enlightenment and truth.

The Spirit World is always eager to serve. Whatever We can do to bring peace and joy into to your life, dearest ones, please ask. We are certainly happy to greet you on the path of Spiritual enlightenment. We hope to help you see things from a Higher perspective. These are your Spiritual Helpers ordained by Spirit to assist you on your journey of Light. After the reading, you may feel renewed, energized, healed, compassion or intense unconditional love. There is a reason you have entered this Realm. Happiness awaits you. We are certainly glad to greet you on the path of enlightenment and agape, unconditional love. We are glad that you are seeking spiritual enlightenment and are eager to serve. The messages come through Tracey; however, the Source of the messages is a much Higher Source.

There are many types of channeled readings being offered in my web store. I have a the readings listed on this page in alphabetical order. However, any type of reading can be created just for you. If there is something you wish to know about, just let Tracey know and she will customize a reading for you. You may click on the name of the reading and read more information about what the reading includes as well as make your purchase. Scroll down the page for testimonials.

There is a reason you are here. Spirit will direct you to the channeled reading that meets your greatest soul needs at this time. I look forward to helping you as you travel the road to your Happy Destiny. Peace be with you always.

Psychic Readings Delivered by Email

5 Question Emergency Reading

10 Question Emergency Psychic Reading

12 Question Emergency Psychic Reading

5 Question Psychic Reading

10 Question Psychic Reading

12 Question Psychic Reading

Akashic Records Psychic Reading

A Lover's Guide Psychic Reading

Angel 12 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Angel 12 Question Psychic Reading

Angel Adviser Psychic Reading

Angel General Guidance Channeled Psychic Reading

Angel Healing and Guidance Reading

Angel Insight Reading

Angel Reading - Current Life Message

Angelic Bigger Picture Psychic Reading

Angelic Ring of Light Reading

Animal Communication Healing Session and Channeled Reading

Animal/Pet Communication Reading

Animal Totem Reading

Archangel 3 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Archangel 6 Month Forecast Channeled Reading

Archangel and Ascended Master Spiritual Path Psychic Reading

Archangel and Ascended Master Channeled Relationship Reading

Archangel Chamuel Channeled Reading

Archangel Gabriel Channeled Reading

Archangel Gabriel Oracle Reading

Archangel Insight Reading

Archangel Jophiel Channeled Reading

Archangel Manifesting the Life You Dream Of Psychic Reading

Archangel Michael Channeled Reading

Archangel Channeled Reading 2-3 Questions

Archangel Channeled Reading 4-6 Questions

Archangel Reading - General - Channeled

Archangel Reading - Past, Present, Future

Archangel Relationship Psychic Reading

Archangel Uriel Channeled Reading

Are You My Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Are You My Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Ascended Master 3 Question Psychic Reading

Ascended Master Ascension Support Reading

Ascended Master Guide Team Psychic Reading

Ascended Master and Archangel Reading - Meet Your Divine Team

Ascended Master Jesus Channeled Reading - 3 Questions

Ascension Level Support Channeled Reading with the Ascended Masters

Ascension Support Psychic Reading

Best Friends and Lovers Psychic Reading

Break-up/Divorce Survival Psychic Reading

Career 12 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Circle of Life Angel Reading

Cosmic Soul Mates Psychic Reading

Couple Reading - Understanding Your Life Together

Deep Level Relationship Reading

Discovering the Truth - Relationship Psychic Reading

Divine Assistance Soul Overview Psychic Reading

DNA Reading

Fated or Fated to Fail Relationship Reading

Emergency Situation Reading

Fairy Totem Psychic Reading

Future Lover Connection Reading

Guardian Angel Attracting Abundance Reading

Guardian Angel Psychic Reading for Two

Guardian Angel Psychic Reading - Meet Your Guardian Angels!

Healing With the Angels Psychic Reading

Heaven Sent Soul Mate Reading

Higher Self Channeled Reading

How Sensual Is Your Soul Mate Reading

How to Recognize Your Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Individual Soul Contract Psychic Reading

Insights into the Future of a Relationship Reading

Intimacy Needs Psychic Reading

Intimate Lover Reading

Karmic Cosmic Soul Mate Reading

Karmic Love Psychic Reading

Kiss of the Angels Psychic Reading

Life Lessons Psychic Reading

Life Purpose Reading from the Angels

Life's Possible Future Developments Reading

Learning to Feel Love with the Angels Psychic Reading

Love 4 Two 12 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Love Ahead Forecast Psychic Reading

Loved One's Higher Self Channeled Reading

Love Forecast for a Lost Relationship Psychic Reading

Love Match Secrets Psychic Reading

Love Partner Profile Reading

Love Relationship - Prediction of the Future Psychic Reading

Love Ties Psychic Reading

Meet Your Archangelic Guide Team

Meet Your Guides Psychic Reading

Meet Your Shaman Guides Reading

Meet Your Soul Group/Family Reading

Meet Your Soul Group/Family Reading Expanded

Message Animal Totem Psychic Reading

Messages Between Two Souls Reading

Messages Between Two Souls Question Style Reading

Miracle of the Angels Reading

New Romance Reading

New Year, New Year, 12 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Past Life Reading

Platonic Friends to Lovers Psychic Reading

Potential to Reunite Psychic Reading

Power Animal Totem Reading

Power of Authentic You Reading

Preparing for a Future Relationship Psychic Reading

Relationship Ascension Reading

Relationship Breakup Help Psychic Reading

Relationship Compatibility Psychic Reading

Relationship Crossroads Psychic Reading

Relationship Existing Possibilities Reading

Relationship Faithfulness Psychic Reading

Relationship Reading - Core Intimacy Issues

Relationship Reading - Exploring Intimacy

Relationship Reading with the Angels

Relationship Status Psychic Reading

Relationships and Love with the Angels Reading

Romance 12 Month Forecast Reading

Romantic Outlook Reading

Sexual Compatibility Psychic Reading

Sexual Vibrations Psychic Reading

Soul Connection Reading

Soul Counseling Reading from the Higher Self, Your Larger Consciousness, Higher Intelligence

Soul Growth Reading

Soul Journey Psychic Reading

Soul Level Relationship Psychic Reading for Two Souls

Soul Mate Compatibility Reading

Soul Mate/Next Love Attitudes Towards Life Psychic Reading

Soul Mate/Next Love Higher Self Reading

Soul Mate/Next Love Personality Traits Psychic Reading

Soul Mate/Next love Psyche Reading

Soul Mate Profile Reading

Soul Mate Situation Reading

Soul Mates and Past Lives Psychic Reading

Soul Reading - Support on the Path of Purpose

Soul Reading - Understanding Your Life Purpose

Spirit Guide and Angel 5 Question Reading

Spirit Guide and Angel 10 Question Psychic Reading

Spirit Guide and Angel Introduction Reading

Spirit Guides Spirit Band Reading

Spiritual 12 Month Forecast Psychic Reading

Spiritual Insights Into the Soul Psychic Reading

Spiritual Insights Into the Soul Reading Part II

Spiritual Insights Into Your Soul Mate Reading

Spiritual Insights Into Your Soul Mate Reading II

Spiritual Insights Into Your Soul Mate Reading III

Spiritual Psychic Reading

Spiritual Gifts Psychic Reading

Starmates Psychic Reading

Starry Souls Essential Relationship Issues Psychic Reading

Starseed Channeled Reading from the Ascended Master Portal

Starseeds, Sensitives, Indigos, Empaths, Psychic Reading

Steamy Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Surrounded by Angels Psychic Reading

Twin Flame Deep Insights Reading

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Higher Perspective Reading from the Ascended Masters

Troubled Relationship Reading

Two Pledged Souls - Past, Present, Future Reading

Two Relationships Dilemma Reading - Which One Should You Choose?

Understanding Your Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Universal Angel Reading

Warm Fuzzy Feelings Psychic Reading

Wisdom of the Angels Reading

Where Are You From, Where Have You Been Reading

Where Is My Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Where is My Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings Delivered by Email - Packages


"Tracey is by far the most in-depth and perceptive reader I have ever encountered, ever! She really has amazing psychic ability -- and there is nothing false about her demeanor -- she is very real, truthful, and honest. I am just blown away by how much information she is able to share -- it is staggering. You really have to try her. I KNOW you will be amazed. She really does have Spirit Guides and Angels that truly, genuinely work with her and through her. It is my belief that she is an Incarnated Angel herself! Even if you are not a metaphysical believer, you will be after you get a reading from Tracey. Trust me. I feel completely honored that she reads for me. When I talk to her I feel like she is a Star, a real Celebrity, and yet she is so humble and loving, down to Earth, and kind, truly an Example of Spirit. Five stars are not enough to rate her abilities. Almost every prediction she has given has proven to be true in seven years. That record of accomplishment speaks for itself." - Tayla, Australia, April 2007

"Tracey is the kindest and most helpful person I have come across in many, many years. Not only is she a highly accurate psychic, but Tracey is also one of the most compassionate and caring people that has ever read for me. She does not hold back, as I have felt other psychics have done. Tracey speaks in a way you can understand and that is the most helpful and relevant to your situation. It is hard to explain without actually experiencing it, but when you receive her answers to an email or when you IM with her, her words feel like a warm blanket of love covering you and you can’t help but feel loved. She is the type of person you can share your deepest and most intimate thoughts and questions with and receive answers – real detailed answers that give you what you are looking for without having to ask follow-up questions. She is truly a gifted psychic and an amazing person. I am honored and proud to call her my friend."- Randi, New York, USA April, 2007

“I feel so very blessed to know Tracey, she has become a true & genuine friend. Her gifts are of the highest level & her accuracy & guidance is astounding. She is a caring & loving soul who reaches out to all who need her help & in so doing brings brilliant golden sunlight into the darkest of times. Tracey is truly one of Gods most sacred Angels sent to earth to help us all." - Diane, England, April 2007

"Tracey is truly a blessing in my life! I have been working with her for about two years now through some major changes, challenges and life opportunities. The spiritual guides and angels through her have brought hope, comfort and inspiration to me. This beautiful gift as well as her caring, non-judgmental and empathic approach are appreciated beyond words. She is my Earth-Angel!" - Suzanne, USA, April 2007

"Tracey specializes in changing lives for the better. She is a channel for Light and the Angels and, i have no doubt, of anything you have a need to hear or Spirit wants you to know. Quick and incredibly strong contact, helpful advice and powerful guidance... all wrapped up with compassion, wit,humor and spot-on accuracy and very reasonable prices. If you want any of these things, give this enlightened Soul a try. She is like family, but when she challenges you it is only to make you grow -- which she does effectively but with warmth and compassion. Truth, Light and Love spoken here."- Doug, USA, April 2007

"Tracey has a supreme talent, which few can aspire to, she connects quickly, is extremely accurate and gives a mind blowing amount of information. She is also a very generous and calm soul and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would trust her with my life." - Margaret, United Kingdom, April 2007>

"Tracey has done numerous readings for me over the past 3 years. Each of these multiple page readings is like tapping into the wisdom of the still small voice that is connected with the governing power of creation. The answers to my questions always seem to fit even if a particular answer is not what I wanted or expected to hear. After careful consideration of the multiple layers of meaning in Tracey’s readings, I am filled with inner peace, happiness, and contentment." - Faye, USA, April 2007

"Before I found Tracey, I had tried many psychics over the years. Tracey was the only psychic able to validate what I already knew in my heart to be true ---- that fate would bring my soul mate back to me. I now trust my intuition more. I have had a dozen readings from Tracey over the past year, and each one has provided invaluable aid to my spiritual and personal growth. For example, I am fast becoming the piano player I have dreamed all of my life of becoming because of the genuine encouragement I have received from her guides. Tracey is generous with information, kind, extremely accurate, clear, eloquent and professional. Her sources come from the highest realms of light and love, and I am blessed to have found her. I will continue to use her services when ever I am in need of wise counsel. The channeled readings from Tracey are the only readings I trust." - Barbara, Canada, April 2007

"I can honestly say that Tracey is truly one of the highest level psychics/intuitives that I have ever met. Every reading that I have had with her has been eerily accurate and extremely insightful. She not only has an amazing gift of being able to communicate with Spirit, but she also has a knack of telling you what you need to hear in a very compassionate manner. I find her to be extremely gifted, ethical, and accurate to an amazing degree. She is simply one of the best intuitives out there, bar none. " - JB, Los Angeles, USA, April 2007

"Tracey is ALWAYS in tuned with the situation. She is one of my 'Bright Lights' here at Kasamba and of course a trusted friend who has the utmost standards and EXTREMELY generous with her time. Tracey is a wonderful and kind person who is not in this for the money. She genuinely LOVES helping others and gains so much happiness and joy from giving accurate, honest and in-depth readings. Tracey and her guides validate SO much FOR, which DID happen for, which she could not have known about, and I can honestly say that Tracey and her guides give me much needed confirmation that I AM still very much on the 'RIGHT' path. Tracey, your name truly suits you, because what you accurately VALIDATED and 'confirmed' and explained to me in such depth, clarity and detail as it relates to my current situations, could NOT have come from anywhere BUT from GOD'S own Angels Whispering to YOU." - Lena, France, 2006

"Tracey has God given gifts that has blessed me more than once. Whenever I need advice, Tracey is the one I go to, her words are profound and so spiritual. When I'm finished with the reading I always feel uplifted and encouraged. She is like a bright light in the midst of a storm, she truly is and I'm so thankful for her... Thank you so much for being there for me, Tracey!" - Mary

"Although I have known Tracey personally for most of my life, it has only been in the past few years of reconnecting with her, that I discovered her on a spiritual and professional level. She never ceases to blow me away with her insights and abilities. I will call her and mention a dream that has baffled me, and the next day I find an email in my box that has not only interpreted my dream, but inadvertently intermingled those ideas with events in my life that she had no way of knowing. She delivers her messages in a beautiful, thorough and complete way…leaving no stone unturned. I consider myself to be fairly enlightened and intuitive, but Tracey always has a new perspective or fresh insight that perhaps I’ve overlooked. She expands my mind, my heart, and my soul with her thoughts." - Laura

"I'm convinced that Tracey is an angel sent straight from the Divine. I remember when I was drawn to Tracey, I was at a low moment in my life, unsure of myself, my gifts and most of all - my visions of my soul mate. I consulted Tracey about my soul mate as I was in desperate need of someone to either confirm or deny my feelings so that I could move forward in life instead of -- just wishing. With compassion, love and an understanding that normally comes to those much older than she - Tracey confirmed my suspicions. She set me free from uncertainty so that I may travel to my destiny with the knowledge, support and love that I need to take me to the next level. I'm convinced that within the next year, my soul mate and I will be reunited. The reunion would have taken much longer - or not at all had it not been for Tracey guidance. I never hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family." - Allie

"Tracey is one of the most gifted psychic's I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her God given gifts are very profound and uplifting. She has helped myself and my family to realize We are not alone!!!!!!!! We always have our Guides and Angels to guide and look after us. Open your Mind, And your heart will follow..................." - Kathy

"If you are reading this feedback right now, do not look any further, do not take a step in the direction of another reader, and do not even think about it. Stop at Tracey's office for a consultation as if you will never regret and always remember. Once you give her a try, you will know you do not need to check anybody else out :) Incredible, amazing, awesome, words cannot describe, simply the best, you rock Tracey. Out of this world readings, with an out of this world person. I cannot say enough about Tracey and everything she does. She truly does it all and more. She has gotten information for me on things (technical things) that are very specific, that she doesn't understand, terminology, phrases, and things that make sense to me that she could not possibly know and things she doesn't understand, but that just goes to show you how truly gifted she is as a reader to get information that is beyond her human understanding." - Steve

Disclaimer: Tracey provides only psychic reading material for entertainment purposes and spiritual information, not as psychological, health, medical, psychiatric, or therapeutic advice to the reader/recipient, and is not responsible for any effects directly or indirectly caused by the use of one's own mind and imagination to create, or any information included in a reading, email, website, or ad. Due to the subjective and creative nature of the mind of each individual, the reader/recipient is advised to take personal responsibility if they decide to apply what they have read, and to use common sense for his or her own creative direction, depending on their own circumstances, intents and conditions. Be responsible for your own thoughts and their effects, good or otherwise. Information exchanged in a reading is meant as a service and not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice or opinion of your choice. Tracey takes no responsibility for directions or recommendations made and no guarantees are made towards the validity of information exchanged. By receiving a reading, you are agreeing to indemnify Tracey from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or other rights. You agree to indemnify Tracey from all liabilities and expenses including any and all legal fees arising from such claims based on a reading.