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Release Addictions Reiki Lightwork by Daelyn Wolf - protection from cravings, release addiction, fill void, love, strength, determination, confidence


Addictions destroy lives. It destroys families, and isolates you from those

you love. It eats away ate your self-esteem, your confidence, and your

abilities to function and be happy. The energies of this system connect you

to your higher self, to infinite Intelligence, and to the light of spirit for

working toward breaking and releasing addictions of any kind. The

energies are loving, clearing, and high protection from cravings. Release

Addictions Reiki helps you or others let go of any addiction, and fills the

void with love, light, and healing. It works to help you get to the root of the

addiction, discover what holds you in bondage to the addiction, and helps

you to release it. Once you let it go, the healing fills in your energies with

love, strength, and determination to overcome the addiction, and restore

your confidence and self-esteem.

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