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Ultimate Reiki Healing Attunement by Daelyn Wolf - Heal physical issues, animals, situations, circumstances, the Earth, all people on Earth, and more



This system is easy to use and one of the very best out there. It is of a very high energy and it works fast to help with any form of healing from physical issues, healing animals, or healing situations and circumstances. This is a special energy Lightwork system that really has all of the energy needed to heal any situation. It is powerful—and if it were the only system you had, you would be able to use it for any magickal and lightwork need. It was given me directly from spirit to help us all. United our positive energy is more powerful as we work on our individual needs and goals, and it brings healing to the Earth and all who live on this planet as the energy radiates from each of us with pure unconditional love, and this system can only be used for good. It cannot be attached to or interfered with by anything negative. It does it all—clears, heals, and brings magickal lightwork energy changes within your own physical and energy bodies for the highest good. It brings healing to our planet Earth as the positive energy spreads out to touch all around us and adds to the universe love and light. It is Ultimately one of the best energy systems to use for any situation.

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