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Magick of the Four Seasons Lightwork by Linda Colibert - Brings in harmony and personal power in all areas of your life!




This energy attunement connects you to creative source spirit and to the energies of all four seasons for empowerment. As the seasons progress through the year, the energies of each season change and flow and move forward. Always flowing, always moving, always bring progressing and empowering you with the most powerful energies of whatever season is present. Knowing and connecting to the specific energies of each season helps you to always get the best results and most powerful healing and magick. The energies of Magick of the Four Seasons Lightwork is a flowing energy that brings in harmony and personal power in all areas of your life.


Once you receive your manual, I will contact you to set up your attunement. You have the choice of receiving an email certificate with lineage, or just the lineage, whichever you prefer.



Linda Colibert--Daelyn Wolf - Purchase includes manual, distant attunements and a certificate.

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