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Celtic Goddess Attunement Package Plus BOGO OFFER


The Celtic Goddess Attunement Package includes attunement to the energies of many Celtic Goddesses and Gods. With your purchase you will receive the manuals, distant attunements and one certificate for the package. As well, you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

The Goddess and God Attunements Included are listed here:

Brigid's Flaming Sword

Brigid's Healing Waters

Beltaine Empowerment

Cerridwen Empowerment

Brigids Flame

Goddess Aine Love and Sex Therapist

Celtic Signs Maeve

Flidais Goddess of the Forest

Celtic Signs Morrigan

Aeval Lust Sexuality Clairvoyance


Goddess Ostara

Iaetitia Goddess of Joy

Crone Wisdom of Morrigan

Celtic Signs Macha

Bold Warrior Goddess Within Healing System

Celtic Signs Dana

Warrior Spirit of Goddess Morrigan

Celtic Signs Sadbh

Faery Realm of Morrigan

Celtic Signs Branwen

Goddess Clidhna

CEltic Signs Cerridwen

Goddess Coventia

God Dagda

Celtic Signs Arianrod

Goddess Danu

Celtic Signs Brighid

Goddess Epona

Celtic Signs Rhiannon

Goddess Etain

Celtic Signs Bloudenwedd

Goddess Shelia Na Gig

Angus Mac

Celtic Signs Scathach



Goddess Fand

LAdy of the Lake

God Lugh

Goddess Marian

Rhiannon's Fertility Empowerment

Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Water Fairy Empowerment

Goddess Aurora

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