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Cleanse Your Inner Temple Healing Package - Pick Any 12 Healing Sessions PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,500.00

 Cleanse Your Inner Temple Healing Package - Pick Any 12 Healing Sessions for only $199.99


 Plus for a limited time receive a healing package of equal or lesser value free.  

With your purchase you will receive 12 single healing sessions of your choice. There is a list below with the healing/clearing session choices available. You may choose any 12 single healing sessions from this list.

 Healing and Clearing Sessions Choices


Absolutely Abundant Universe Clearing and Healing Session


Abandonment Fear Healing Session


Akashic Records Clearing and Healing Session


Ancestral Lineage, Generational, Family Tree Curse Removal and Healing Session


Ancestral Wounding Clearing and Healing Session


Anchor Clearing and Healing Session


Angelic Re-Birthing Session


Archangel Chamuel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Chamuel Intensive Healing Session


Archangel Gabriel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Haniel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Healing Rays Healing Session


Archangel Jophiel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Michael Healing Session


Archangel Raguel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Raphael Complete Healing Session


Archangel Raphael Distant Healing Session


Archangel Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael Healing Session


Archangel Raphael Intensive Healing Session


Archangel Raphael Soul Healing Session


Archangel Raziel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Uriel Distant Healing Session


Archangel Zadkiel Distant Healing Session


Auric Attachment Release Session


Auric Energetic Leakage Repair, Sealing, Correction and Healing Session


Auric Clearing


Attracting Spiritually Gifted Friends and Communities Healing Session


Blood of Jesus Protection Healing, Clearing and Shielding Session


Breaking Patterns Session



Brief Healing Session


Broken Heart Energy Healing Session


Cellular Memory Clearing, Healing and Release Session - Heal the broken Soul, Release Past Life Memories, Change Limiting Beliefs/Genetic Programming


Chakra Balancing, Clearing, Cleansing and Reading Session


Chakra Cord Cleansing, Clearing and Healing Session


Childhood Conditioning Clearing and Healing Session


Clairaudience Blockage Removal and Awakening Session


Claircognizance Blockage Removal and Awakening Session


Clairsentience Blockage Removal and Awakening Session


Clairvoyance Blockage Removal and Awakening Session


Cleansing the Temple Healing Session


Co-Dependency Healing Session


Complete Auric Leakage Repair Session


Crown Chakra Cap Removal Session


Crown Chakra Opening Session


Deep Fear Removal Session



Deep Soul Healing Session


Destiny Clearing and Healing Session


Divine Life Mission Blockage Removal Session


Divine Mother Healing and Clearing Session


Divorce Heart Healing Session


Emotional Pain Body Clearing Session


Emotional Balance Stabilization Healing and Clearing Session


Emptiness Clearing and Healing Session


Energetic Signature Clearing, Cleansing and Healing Session - Clear your Energetic Signature and Raise Your Vibrations


Energy Transforming Business Session


Etheric Body Adjustment and Balancing Session - HEALTH = Balance on All Levels


Extensive Relationship Energy Cords Cutting Session


Family Healing Session


Family of Origin Forgiveness Healing Session


Family of Origin Healing Session


Family of Origin Cord Clearing Session


Fear of Losing or Being Controlled Cleansing, Clearing, Healing Session


Fearlessness and Empowerment Healing Session


Grid Repair, Cleansing and Clearing Session



Harmonious Relationship Healing and Clearing Session


Heart Chakra Healing Session


Heart Healing Session


Higher Divine Life Purpose Blockage Removal and Clearing Session


Higher Self Merge Session - Experience harmony, love and oneness by bringing in the awareness of your Higher Self every moment of every day!


Home Space Healing and Clearing


House Clearing and Angelic Blessing with Ascended Master Jesus


Intensive Healing Session


Intimacy Clearing and Healing Session


Intuitive Clarity Clearing Session


Karmic Clearing Session


Karmic Cord Clearing, Removal and Healing Session - Cut your ties with past karma, people from your past and attachments from situations!


Karmic Imprint Clearing Session


Karmic Matrix Removal, Clearing and Healing Session - Clear YOUR karma, Live YOUR life!


Letting Go Relationship Clearing Session


Love Issues Clearing, Cleansing and Healing Session


Money Manifestation Session


Multidimensional Self Connection Healing and Clearing Session


Negative False Beliefs Removal and Clearing Session


Past Life Experiences Healing and Clearing Session


Past Life Healing with the Angels Session


Past Life Integration Healing Session


Personal Clearing Session


Pet/Animal Healing Session


Pet/Animal Negative Energy Healing and Clearing Session


Realize Your Full Potential Healing and Clearing Session


Reiki Healing Session


Relationship Fear Clearing and Healing Session


Relationship Healing Session


Releasing Emotional Armor Healing and Clearing Session


Releasing the Past Clearing and Healing Session


Relationship Rejuvenation Healing Session


Resistance Energy Clearing and Healing Session - Easily and Effortlessly Embrace Positive Change! Create the amazing life you desire and DESERVE!


Scarcity, and Lack Consciousness Clearing Session


Self Esteem, Confidence and Motivation Boost Healing Session


Self Love Healing Session


Shadow Self Clearing and Healing Session with the Archangels - Heal and Embrace Your Shadow Side - Live In YOUR Power


Soul and Energy Cleansing Session


Soul Contract Healing and Clearing Session


Soul Healing Session


Soul Mate Attraction Session


Soul Mate Preparation Session


Soul Mate Relationship Clearing and Preparation Session



Soul Retrival Session


Soul Work, True Vocation Clearing and Healing Session


Spiritual Healing Session


Spiritual Intrusions Clearing Session


Spiritual Parasite Removal Session


Spiritual Power Blockage Removal and Awakening Session


Subconscious Re-programming Clearing and Healing Session


Subconscious Mind Clearing, Cleansing and Healing for Prosperity- Ensure the Infinite Intelligence of the Subconscious Mind is Ready to Manifest!


Substance Abuse Behavior Addiction Healing Session


Third Ear Opening Session


Third Eye Opening Session


Through the Fire Healing Session


Toxic and Toxic Aggressive Energy Clearing


Toxic Family of Origin Clearing


Trauma and Abuse Healing Session


Unlimited Abundance Session


Weight Loss Clearing and Healing Session


Weight Loss Release Session


Worthiness Healing and Clearing Session


Wounded Soul Clearing


Please note:


The healing sessions will not come with a healing report although a report can be purchased for an additional cost of 50.00. If you would like a healing report at the end of your sessions simply send an email stating that you wish to have the healing session report and a paypal invoice will be sent to you for the report.




What are your 12 Session Choices? Which free healing package of equal or lesser value would you like to receive?

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