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Reiki Level 1-3, Homestudy Course - Everything that You Need to become a Reiki Master!


regular price 300.00, Introductory Offer $150.00

Reiki Level 1 to Masters homestudy course


Introduction to Healing

Reiki 1

•83 Page Manual


•18 Reiki 1 Video Lessons - makes it easier to study and master Reiki!


•17 Reiki 1 Audio Lessons - covers all Reiki 1 Lessons, making it easy to study and master Reiki whilst on the go.


•264 Reiki 1 Powerpoint slides in one presentation, with 88 pages of notes (PDF).


•Plus 4 Reiki Bonus Meditation MP3s



Reiki 2

•107 Page Manual


•23 Reiki 2 Video Lessons


•Reiki 2 Audio Lessons


•240 Reiki 2 Powerpoint Slides with 80 pages of notes



Reiki Masters

•81 Page Manual


•13 Reiki 3 Video Lessons


•13 Reiki 3 Audio Lessons


•179 Reiki 3 Powerpoint Slides with 60 pages of notes



Bonus - Reiki Master Teacher Starter Tookit

One of the most difficult things when starting out as a Reiki Master Teacher is to create your own Reiki manuals and certificates that you will need to give your own Reiki students who attend your classes. To help you get started and get your own Reiki school up and running, we have created 3 Reiki manuals and certificates that you can use in your own Reiki school. This alone will save you countless hours of research and work.


•Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Manuals


•Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Certificates


Everything you need to get started as a Master Teacher.

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