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Green Light High Frequency by Jalu - Focus, Divine Guidance, Psychic Visions, Brain Health, Higher Vibrations, Emotional Healing, Heart of Mother Gaia


Green Light High Frequency is has high vibration energy, that is a powerful tool for aids you to heal situations that may be of a karmic nature. To assist you to journey back into your past. where you are able to access past life information. By accessing this information it may enable you to heal issues in your present life. These issues is a karmic nature, and this help you to release past life pain.

Green Light High Frequency is excellent for assisting you to focus your thoughts. As you begin to utilize your thought, you will find that you may access Divine guidance more easily. And this may aid your awareness of psychic visions and in overall brain health and aid one to become aware of higher subtle vibrations. Green Light High Frequency is a powerful awakening through this will create a powerful healing process within the emotional body.

Green Light High Frequency also help to connects you to your heart chakra and to the energy of the heart of Mother Gaia and stimulate your vibration to change and as you become spiritually awakened to come into rapport with the earth and universe.

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