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Nature Protection Energy by Jalu - Intuition, Creativity, Balance, Heart Chakra, Harmony, High Blood Pressure, Vitality, Protect Auric Field, Security


With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate

Nature Protection Energy is an great energy in protection and has many healing attributes that can protect and strengthen your auric field of negative energy that is very harmful. Nature Protection Energy is also able to provide security, comfort, and quiet that can drive the process of change towards physical and mental condition of a balanced and enhance harmony in your relationship with everyone.

Nature Protection Energy is able to produce the energy it can to enhance intuition, creativity and balance your physical and emotional condition. The energy generated is able to clean and activate Heart Chakra and the other Chakra around it. Nature Protection Energy is also good to help, the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells, lowering high blood pressure and restore the vitality of the physical body after illness


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