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Orixa Oxumare Empowerment by Gabriela Szafman - abundance, prosperity, wealth, richness, business negotiations, long life movement, transformation


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman




Oxumaré (Òsùmàrè;) is the orisha of all movementsof all cycles.


If one day Oxumare loses his forces, the worldwill end, because the universe is dynamic and the Earth is also in constantmotion.


Just imagine the planet Earth without themovement of translation and rotation; imagine a season standing, a permanentevening, permanent one day.


We must not leave the earth not to move.


Oxumaré can not be forgotten, for the purpose ofthe cycles would be the end of the world.


Oxumaré lives in heaven and earth and comes tovisit us through the rainbow.


He is a big snake that surrounds the earth andsky and ensures the unity and renewal of the universe.


Oxumare is a serpent, a sacred Orixa ofProsperity, Wealth, Profit.


The man, who lives behind money, working to earnhis living, cannot imagine sometimes that he has this force of nature every dayby his side.


Oxumarê is present in practically every momentof our life, everything evolves around money.


Oxumarê is present in  negotiations, the bill payment, on receipt ofan award, purchase, business involving expenditures, profits and expenses.


He is present in banks, financial, finally, inplaces where there is handling of money.


He is the major element of the negotiations, thebet.


His charm is in the clink of coins.

He is also the Orixa of prosperity and abundance.





Orixa Oxumare Will Help You:


Abundance Prosperity Wealth and Ritchness Increase Entrance of Money Business Negotiations Hapiness Long Life Movement & Transformation




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