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Jesus Wept Empowerment NEW by MHLA - enhance ability to listen to and understand the pain of others, show greater care and concer


Ascended Master Jesus lends us the powerful, transforming, healing, energy of the Jesus Wept Empowerment. It carries the energy of Master Jesus’ heart so that we can have the highest capacity to sympathize, empathize and understand others. Through working with the energy of the Jesus Wept Empowerment our ability to connect with others in time of suffering will be significantly magnified. The energy of this empowerment will give us a greater capacity to listen to and understand the pain of others, so that we can show greater care and concern, sympathy and empathy, and be the healing presences we are meant to be.  Our ability to experience empathy and be moved by compassion will be enhanced. Love will overcome the feeling of separation, and we will be united to others, in times when others need a beautiful display of humanity. The energy of the empowerment will let us get in touch with motivating emotions so that we are moved to action, to sacrificing some of our energy, time, resources, finances, wisdom, or the like.  The Jesus Wept Empowerment will allow us to express a desire to relieve the suffering of others and inspire us to healing actions that alleviate the suffering of others.  Through continued work with this energy we will be more concerned with the people around us and be active in showing empathy, sympathy and compassion to others. We will develop a tender heart of compassion. Human needs will move us to compassionate acts; we will be moved to action by a compelling force from the deepest aspects of us to serve others. Our inner light, expressing the Compassion of the Master Jesus, as through our actions will be an example to others allowing us to radiate our light to All. This will inevitably attract others as we become the beacons of hope that we are called to be. The more positive energy we give off, the more positive connections we will magnetize to us. This will allow us to extend our heart energy outward creating a warm glow about us that attracts others to us. You will receive the manual, certificate, and attunement directly from the founder. Release date Tuesday available for pre-purchase now.

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