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Cultivating Compassion Reiki Attunement from Masters Healing Light Academy PLUS RECEIVE 30 Minutes of Distant Healing


With your purchase of this attunement you will also receive 30 minutes of distant healing.

About Cultivating Compassion Reiki

This system will help us to cultivate compassion in our daily life and practice compassion so that we have the ability to understand the emotional state of being of another person and or ourselves. The energy it carries will bring out many other wonderful qualities which are manifestations of compassion such as readiness to give comfort, empathy, sympathy, concern and caring to others.


A great benefit of the Cultivating Compassion Reiki system is that it will help you to be happier and bring others around you to be happier as the energy radiates from within you to all those whom you come into contact. This system is a tool for achieving happiness.


The energy of Cultivating Compassion Reiki will empower us to love all beings and comprehend their suffering for if we do not love others then we cannot really have compassion for them even when they are in pain. However, when we consider the suffering of someone we love compassion naturally comes up from within our spiritual core.


  The energy of this system will remove anything that blocks that innate compassion that we have within our inner being for those we love so that we can consider their pain and take actions to alleviate their suffering.


It will help us to understand suffering,   realize that suffering is real and experience genuine compassion so that we can develop a feeling of closeness to others combined with a sense of responsibility for their welfare. We will develop true compassion wanting happiness and not suffering for others.


Practicing this system helps us to realize a sense of trust that enables us to open up to others and reveal our problems, doubts, fears, and uncertainties so we can communicate honestly and openly. We will develop the courage to think of others and to do something for them. We will experience the courage to rise above fears of trusting others.


Cultivating Compassion Reiki helps us to see the human aspect of others and then take time to be sensitive towards them, do things to help them, care for them, and be loving and interested in them. As we cultivate compassion we will begin to recognize the needs, concerns and weaknesses of others while being tolerant and making allowances.


We will be less concerned about getting something back from others and more concerned about giving. Cultivating Compassion Reiki inspires us to love our fellows, look out for them, and because we want to help them. Selfishness and self-seeking will leave us as the selflessness and unconditional qualities of compassion replace them.



This System is Particularly Useful When


  • You want to experience enlightenment
  • You are being critical of self or others
  • You have a short fuse with people you love
  • You are impatient or unkind towards others
  • Your goal is to achieve happiness
  • You want to learn how to care for other people
  • When you want to communicate with others openly and honestly about problems, fears, anxieties, etc.
  • You want to develop more tolerance of others
  • You are being cynical and distrustful of others
  • You want to gain more control over your emotions
  • And so much more!



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