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MORE THAN 50% OFF Divine Self Attunement Package- Powerful Attunements PLUS BOGO

$199.99 $2,200.00

regular price 1100.00

The Divine Self is the Self that exists at an even higher level than your soul. It is the Divine essence of your being, the source of all light and life within you. Your soul is closer to your personality, and is an intermediary between you and your Divine Self until such time as you are able to directly experience and realize the Divine Self as who you are.

This packages enables  you to open to your Divine Self, so that you can receive its guidance, peace, harmony, and illuminating light. You can more easily turn away from the distractions of the physical world, and restore yourself in the light, love, and power of this eternal Self. Through this Self, you can play in the world of all potential and manifest your highest path. This Self will reveal the illusions, desires, and attachments that keep you trapped in a lower vibration and on a lesser path. You gain a greater ability to recognize limiting, disharmonious, and restricting energies and forms. Not only will It reveal these limitations; contact with this Self will enable you to have the power, wisdom, and vision to release these energies.

Your Divine Self is always trying to reach you, to send you the power, illumination, love, and wisdom to draw higher forms, thoughts, feelings, and situations into your life. Your Divine Self is wise; it knows all, and is always showing you an easier, better, more joyful way to live.


The Divine Self Attunement Package ©  includes the courses/attunements listed below. You will receive the attunements, manuals, and a certificate for the package. Attunements will be given by chi ball call in method only. If you purchased these systems individually the cost would be over $2200. There are no substitutions. Even if you received one or two of the systems on this list you are getting quite a bargain with this low package price. Plus, with your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value.

  1. Light Core Energy Vortex
  2. Women's Happiness symbol
  3. Relationship Repair Shakti
  4. Heaven Love Beautiful Vibrations
  5. Golden Transformation Energy
  6. Higher Spirit Resonance
  7. Metamorphosis Frequency of Light
  8. Divine Lotus Connection
  9. Divine Inner Light
  10. Supreme Golden Reinforcement
  11. Luminescence Indigo Light
  12. Rainbow Transformation
  13. White Clear Body Spirit
  14. Transformation Guide Spirit Energy
  15. Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation
  16. Infinite Source Reiki
  17. Infinite Self Reiki
  18. Infinite State REiki
  19. Infinite Knowledge Reiki
  20. Infinite Wisdom Reiki
  21. Infinite Balance Reiki
  22. Shining Soul Reiki 1
  23. Shining Soul Reiki 2
  24. Shining Soul Reiki 3
  25. God Vibration Mastery 1
  26. God Vibration Mastery 2
  27. Hidden Self Inner Self Empowerment
  28. Divine Inheritance Flush Empowerment
  29. Inner Angel Awakening
  30. Journey to the Divine Self Activations and Clearings (10 Attunements)
  31. Higher Self Journey Activations Program (7)
  32. 13 Crystal Skulls
  33. Elohim of the 1st Ray
  34. Unconditional Love Empowerment
  35. Skaktipat Reiki
  36. Angel Light Healing System
  37. Angel of Communication and Expression
  38. Isis Blue Moon Healing
  39. Pure Heart Reiki
  40. Path of Yemaya
  41. Love and Return of the Unicorns
  42. Solar Star Energy
  43. 5 Dhyani Buddha Empowerments
  44. Rama Sekhem
  45. Building Self Esteem Reiki
  46. One Day at a Time Reiki
  47. Pure Potency Energy
  48. Dynamic Sacred Space
  49. Divine Order Reiki
  50. Reiki Grandmaster Course Package (12 Attunements)
  51. Tibetan Soul Star
  52. First Light
  53. Intuition and Enorasis
  54. Higher Level Intuition and Enorasis
  55. You are Love Activation
  56. Synergy Johrei
  57. Diamond of Prosperity
  58. Angelic Cellular Healing
  59. Conscious Reiki
  60. Chakra Healing
  61. White Light Self Empowerments (4)
  62. Amara Omni
  63. Angel Wings
  64. Turquoise flame
  65. Light of Transition
  66. Ho'Omanana

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