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Abundant Life MEGA Attunement Package © MORE THAN 50% OFF

$199.99 $2,700.00

MORE THAN 50% off plus you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value with your purchase. Simply purchase this package and email your free attunement package choice. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

If you purchased these courses individually the cost would be over 2700.00

Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package.

Increase abundance, prosperity and harmony in all areas of your life – outwardly and inwardly!

Abundant Life MEGA Package ©

The reason why we lack things in our life is that we are not in harmony with the universe and our inner selves. Harmony is a state of non- resistance. It is to be relaxed and happy about life and self regardless of what is going on in your life right now. When you are in harmony you are relaxed, happy and with great self-expectation. You are confident that everything is going to be ok. That is the way to manifest abundance instead of lack in your life. You shouldn't lack anything. You should have everything you want. Most of the time , we go through life worrying about some future that doesn't exist .We spend too much time worrying , in fear and expecting the worst to happen. By doing so, we shut ourselves from the Sunlight of Spirit where the Source of all Abundance, Prosperity and Harmony doth flow to us. So, I have put together an attunement package that will help you live in harmony with yourself and the universe.

Every morning find a quite place in where you can stay undisturbed for few minutes and relax. Sit peacefully, close your eyes and know that the Father wants to give you his kingdom so, get excited about it. Get excited, and allow yourself to Feel joy in your heart as you take this step so that you can live a life filled with love, an abundance of everything, money, prosperity, great relationships and or a great love relationship, or whatever area you want to be more abundant, prosperous and harmonious. As we take these courses the energies allow us to enjoy the moment and be grateful for all the goodness within us and around us. Make a commitment to yourself to increase the abundance and harmony in your life!

Here are the Attunements included in this package:

  1. Purnama Emas Energy
  2. Super Money Essence
  3. Aura Painting Reiki
  4. Wheel of Life
  5. Earth Diamond Positive Vibration Empowerment
  6. High Speed Dream Manifestation Device
  7. Self Treasure Enhancement
  8. Icy Fortune
  9. Abundance Block Breaker Reiki
  10. Rainbow Dragonfly
  11. Kanthil Essence Attunement
  12. Dragon Fly Vibration
  13. Bizarre Beliefs Bouncer
  14. Dragon Heart Essential
  15. Passionate Energetic Charge
  16. Nature Essence Purification
  17. Essential Goldfish Empowerment
  18. Green Wealth Vortex
  19. High Abundance Adhesive energy
  20. Golden Magnetic Spectrum
  21. Golden Money Flush
  22. Golden Armor Energetic Golden Ray Energy
  23. High Attraction Vortex
  24. Abundance Energy Amplification
  25. Abundance Creative Energy
  26. Money Toad Essence
  27. Inner Pearl Higher Force
  28. Star Light High Frequency
  29. Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe
  30. Prosperity Consciousness
  31. Archangelic Flames
  32. Money Matters Reiki
  33. Money Pathways Reiki
  34. Money Forms REiki
  35. Money Moments Reiki
  36. Money Webs Reiki
  37. Money Movements Reiki
  38. Money Longevity Reiki
  39. Cosmic Money REiki
  40. Infinite Money Reiki
  41. Abundant Purpose 1-9
  42. Sacred Blood Elixir
  43. Abundant Mindset
  44. Divine Inheritance Flush Empowerment
  45. Manifesting Wealth Empowerment
  46. Abundance/Prosperity Reiki
  47. Abundance Flush 1-2
  48. Abundance Flush 3-4
  49. Abundance Flush 5-6
  50. Jade Dragon Empowerment
  51. Horn of Plenty
  52. Attraction Reiki 1-3
  53. Money Reiki 1-3
  54. Money REiki for a New Reality
  55. St. Germain and Raphael Prosperity Empowerment
  56. Money River Reiki
  57. Allowing Abundance Attunement
  58. Abundant Dreams
  59. Full Abundance
  60. Abundantia Demeter
  61. Abundantia Abundance Ray
  62. Raphael and the Angels of Money Abundance
  63. Ganesha Empowerment
  64. Money Angel Reiki
  65. Money Freedom Empowerment
  66. Light of Prosperity Empowerment
  67. Energy of Abundant Money
  68. Energy and Success of Angel Anauel
  69. Blessings of Angel Ooniemme
  70. Angelic Citrine Energy Essence
  71. Universal Abundance Level one
  72. Universal Abundance Level Two
  73. Universal Abundance Level Three
  74. Universal Abundance Level Four
  75. Universal Abundance Level Five
  76. Universal Abundance Level Six
  77. Golden Scroll Reiki
  78. Success Flush
  79. Good Fortune and Prosperity
  80. Abundance Prosperity
  81. Full Bloom Manifestation
  82. Diamond of Prosperity
  83. Gratitude REiki
  84. Money Seed Reiki
  85. Orb of Abundance
  86. Spiritual Lights of Abundance
  87. Abundance and Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment
  88. Angel of Abundance Empowerment
  89. Sacred Laxmi Empowerment
  90. 20 Angelic Essences
  91. Worthiness Reiki

You will receive the manuals, distant attunements. There will be one certificate issued for the package. No substitutions please.

Which free attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like with your purchase?

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