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Spiritual Role Models

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 4:10 PM

"Spiritualists, Lightworkers, Christians, psychics, healers, all spiritual role models ... be called to 'walk your talk', responsibly. Each of these practices and professions deal with the existence and love of life beyond this one and they have a lot to answer for. And so, Spirit asks, "Are you doing all you can do and being all that you can be for the better of this world and these roles?"

Christianity has been ridiculed because many have stood behind prayer and the facade of faith but have been less of what the Church asks them to be as exemplary citizens. The psychics and healers have also been ridiculed because from some these practices are too unexplainable or inaccurate. Yet, we have daily proof that each of the practices works or adds dimension or improvement to one's life.

Many have gifts to behold. Jesus preached love and unity and many Christians have a love walk of kindness and see and do good everywhere they go. Psychics can reveal the past and predict the future. Healers heal the impossible, and why? Because, the power of intention comes from God, and it is intention that is the basis of these practices and professions.

The writings of the Bible, although containing warnings of horrible situations that befall those who do not conduct themselves properly and ultimately suffer the wrath of a vengeful God, if followed, cause a Christian believer's destiny to change. The psychic can always provide answers to questions that tells of past, present or future issues, good or bad, when the connection is clear and the messages are well delivered. These can influence the outcome of a client's destiny too. The healers that practice new modalities that work for an individual change a person's life. Yet, there are times when some scientific testing would beg to differ. However, when a person searches for hope or a new way of looking at a situation, ones that are aligned with them, those explanations and interventions can significantly alter a person's beliefs and their health.

The above are only roles that the spiritualists, Christians, psychics and healers are playing in influencing the outcomes of his or her own lives and the lives of others. But, it is still up to the role model to do and be the best they can do and be. Being a role model is never easy. To spread the words of hope, encouragement, joy, laughter, and improvement in other's lives by teaching, preaching, and guiding is followed by allowing each individual to do what they can with what they have experienced from encountering these role models.

Can you ask yourself: Have I the conviction to demonstrate my faith and hope to others, thereby passing it on? Have I prepared and tuned into Spirit properly to give only Spirit's guidance without ego judgement? Have I healed the right issue or helped all I could, or perhaps have I received a healing in return?

This is walking your talk. Spirit tells us that many will crumble in these roles because they are not true to this work or to themselves. Churches will lose strength and loss will be felt deeply in the congregation. People will disappear and go back into the mainstay of hurried, unsatisfactory living. Clinics will close. For some they will be happy to fall by the wayside and for others they will fight for the return of goodness when the fight is truly lost. Or is it?

It is time to make a choice now to commit to which path you are on. Live in faith, walk in trust, guide correctly, heal by Grace, correct your course continually and always learn.

Never stop learning. There is always more we can be, do and have. Working in the light and FOR THE LIGHT is the one role that has the highest risk ... To receive negative energy, abuse, complaints, or if you prefer, the Darkness that attacks.

Regardless, the law of attraction is evident in these three ways:

Being judged - There is no failure only feedback and it doesn't matter what others think. Keep going!

Losing faith - Hinders the path and weakens the spirit. Keep going!

Giving up - Falsely declares to the universe 'no more'; yet, we know there is always more and things change. Just keep going!

Be the best you can be in all ways, always. This is true for everyone. No one escapes this truth regardless of the role they play.

Whatever we are good at - We can be better.

Whatever we cannot do - We can try harder.

Whatever we want in life - We can make it happen.

Whoever we are - We matter and so does everyone we like or dislike. They matter too.

Prove to yourself and prove to the world that whoever you are you stand strong and are all that you can be at any given moment. Walking your talk demonstrates excellence in character. Befriend that character, be friends with you - that character and do not just survive - Thrive!"


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