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Exploring Higher States Of Consciousness

Posted on August 5, 2012 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Exploring the States of Consciousness

Whatever thoughts are allowed into the consciousness determine the state of mind.Whether the consciousness is higher or lower will determine the way the world is viewed in the mind’s eye. The ability to view life as good or bad isdetermined by the state of mind. If thinking is negative and based in lowernatured feelings such as hate, anger, worry, doubt, then life is perceived through this negative state. When the mind is operating from the lower self itis difficult to perceive unconditional, agape love. When the mind is negative,it attracts negativity, including negative, people, places, things, events,situations, outcomes, futures.


Thesame is true if the mind is operating from the Higher Self – the positive state of being for from this place the mind accesses higher thoughts and elevated experiences. This allows the qualities of unconditional love, joy, happiness,wisdom to flow freely. Positive thoughts and energy attract positive experiences, people, situations, solutions, outcomes, answers, and futures forlight attracts light.


Perceptions of daily happenings in life are reflections of the state of mind. Thus, thismoment and each moment is very important for in each moment there is theability to receive guidance and inspiration or worry and fear and this is thechoice to be reflected, to live from lower consciousness or higherconsciousness. Thoughts affect the future. If thoughts are focused on negativity then there is a tendency to cling to negative thoughts, feelings andemotions and this makes it difficult to see the light in the darkness so to speak.


Itcan be difficult to meditate if there are negative emotions that are beingrepressed as these must be transformed, illuminated with light and transmutedin love. If there is hate in the heart for another person this can serve as ablock to raising consciousness to higher levels because the mind is weighed down by the strength of this negativity in the consciousness. It cannot beavoided, ignored, denied or repressed for this allows the hate to be a part ofthe soul’s nature.


In order to move to higher consciousness it will be required that attachment to the hate be released, illuminated with light and love so that forgiveness can come forward and the negative can be let go. This liberates the mind, souland spirit from things that block the soul from fully basking in the Sunlight of the Spirit.