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Introducting the Blood of Jesus Empowerment - New from MHLA

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment - New from MHLA - Spiritual Defense, Spiritual Weapon, Offensive Power for ANY Protection You May Need!

New - From Masters Healing Light Academy

Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

The Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment serves as a Spiritual defense, a spiritual weapon having offensive power for any protection you may need and works with Ascended Master Jesus’ and the Divine’s anointing power.

  Ascended Master Christ Jesus and the Divine give us this energy for FULL protection against EVERY evil so that we can have a supernatural, powerful, Divine Hedge of Protection around us, others, things, objects, places, articles, possessions, and more.

 In this way, evil, of any kind, will have no power, no place, around you or within you. The energy can ward off evil of ANY kind, including negative, entities,  demons, demonic spirits, direct attack from humans or spirits, dark energy, negative energy, negative people, emotions, bad or evil people, enemies, possessions of any kind and more. The energy will expel all evil spirits/entities commanding them to leave.

Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine lend the authority and supernatural power to engage any enemy or evil. We are given the needed power against our enemies.

 As well the energy encompasses supernatural healing power to come into any adverse situation that you may fall into. It can be used for physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological healing, battling entities, heavy attacks from any negative, evil entity or person and or any other adversity that comes your way.

 It’s healing energy can be used to heal any type of diseases, sicknesses, mental/emotional disorders, chronic pain, and so on. It can be used to break away from addiction to any substance such as alcohol, food, and or mind altering chemicals or drugs.

 Use the Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment so that you have powerful protection on you before any type of adversity comes your way. It can serve as a rescue device in any dire predicament. Therefore, the Blood Of Jesus Protection Empowerment is designed to keep you out of harms way and is preventative, but it can also be used as a rescue source of protection when calamity strikes.

  It carries the needed supernatural power and energy needed to bring freedom and healing to any situation so that you lead a victorious and overcoming life. It can be used then as a preventive spiritual medicine and weapon.

 This protective energy can be applied on self, others, possessions, articles, finances, home, workplace, business, automobiles, mind, properties, heart, soul, spirit, family, across all dimensions and time, on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, consciously, and subconsciously.

 This energy is powerful in breaking bondages, chains, negative cords, curses, spells, and the like. As you work with the energy it will remove curses, vows that do not serve your Higher Good.

 It is effective protection against malicious attacks, ill intention, gossip, jealousy, mind control and will remove any evil control or strong hold on the mind. The energy actually repels evil, bondage, energies so that it does not come near you or touch you.

The Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment is a very powerful offensive weapon! Arm and defend yourself and your loved ones before enemies, calamities, accidents, illnesses, happen.

 You can use this energy to protect specific things/persons/places such as your mind, body, family, children, work place, assets, house, car, job, career, finances, material possessions, marriages, partnerships, friendships, relationships, investments, and the like.

The Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment can be used for protection against any type of negativity or evil. Here are some examples of what the energy can be used to protect you against although the protection offered is not limited in anyway.

 Protective Against:

 Enemy attack, evil intent, negative attack, bad or evil people

Sorcery, Black Magick, Magick of Any Kind, Spells, Curses, Hexes, Voodoo

Intentional/Unintentional Attacks

Aggression, attachment, attack on business, job, career

Bad investments, poor business decisions, financial instability, bankruptcy, bad business negotiations, negative business associations, failure, fear of failure

Crime, Theft, Burglary, Mugging, Rape, Murder, Physical altercations, aggressors, attackers

Negative Emotional Influences


Misfortune, bad luck, obstacles, miseries

Defamation of Character, Character Assassination, Gossip, Jealousy, Vengeful persons, malicious attacks

Obsessions, Depression, Mental Disorders, Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, Mental Wounding, Mental Instability

Physical ailments, illness, disease, pain, injury, accident

Unwanted Energies

Psychic Manipulation, Psychic Intrusion, Psychic Attacks, Psychic Currents, Metaphysical Attacks, Evil Eye, Psychic Disorders

Danger or Calamity, Natural Disasters, Accidents, Catastrophes, Terrorism, Mishaps

Electromagnetic Radiation,  Electromagnetic Field Pollution, Toxins, Radiation, Pollution

Demonic Possession, Entity Possession, Entities, Ghosts, Demons, Spirits

Emotional Distress, Emotional Wounding, Emotional Instability

Divorce, Break-up

Negative Energy Attachments, Negative Forces, Entities, Energy Vampires, Discordant Energies

Discordant Situations

Mind Control, Evil Control, Strong hold of the mind

Negative thoughts, negative thought patterns, self sabotaging behaviors, evil intrusive thoughts

Misunderstandings, Conflicts, Aggressive persons

Evil soul ties, bondages, negative cords



The Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine manifest power to you through the use of the energy. Thus, the supernatural power and authority of Jesus and the Divine operate through you. As you activate this energy you are allowing the Supernatural power of Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine to move through the energy to bring freedom, protection, healing, and deliverance to any situation.

Walk in flow with Divine Power and rise up in the power of Ascended Master Jesus by spiritually protecting yourself and your loved ones using the Blood of Jesus Protection Empowerment!