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Asking for Proof Of Contact from Spirit Guides

Posted on July 13, 2012 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Asking for Proof of Contact from Spirit Guides

It is quite common for mediums to verify the reality of a guide by asking questions that can provide proof of contact. This may mean asking your guide if there is something that you need to be aware of or what is the best way to deal with a particular situation or person. Ask for their assistance during times of change or difficulty, or to present you with opportunities or certain people that you would like to meet. You can also ask messages for friends or relations and check the validity when you next meet them.

The main thing to remember is that this is a joint venture. Spirit guides will never interfere with your free will. Manifesting a new car is not a reasonable request, nor winning the lottery. But, asking advice on ways you can best earn enough money to purchase the goods that you would like, is a valid question. Invite your Spirit Guides to communicate with you and to work with you in your life. They await your call and are eager to serve but will not interfere unless you request their help. An invocation can be something as simple as stating this when you want to meet your Spirit Guides in meditation.

 In your mind repeat three times these words: "Through the power of my higher self, I request to meet my guides. Please enter and allow me see and meet you." It may not happen the first time that you try it, but give it a few attempts. You must be completely relaxed and willing to believe that what comes before you is real. You may have some difficulty communicating but with thought alone you will be able to make your needs known to them. Together you can set up a method of communication that is comfortable for both of you. Some guides speak as you can to a neighbor. Some communicate using pictures or short visions like movie clips or symbols. Once you meet, communication will come quickly because your best interests are all that matter to your guide.

You can also as ask for an indication of your spirit guides presence. They can make themselves known to you in many different subtle ways. They will come across to you or appear in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. You may then experience at some other time during your day a slight touch on your shoulder or back, or sense that someone is with you or watching you or feel you saw someone in the corner of your eye. You may also experience involuntary twitch or pins and needles, tingling sensation down the side of your leg or head or the hairs standing up on your arm or leg or a particular area of your head.