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Abundance is Always Available

Posted on August 14, 2012 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)




This is a time of gathering together in the consciousness of Oneness acknowledging the unity of all things, acknowledging the purpose of all things, acknowledging the connecting points of all things.


There is only one expression of the Creator and all of manifestation and that one expression is very pure.  It is very correct; it is very omnipresent.  This one statement of the Creator is Love, for Love penetrates all of creation.  Love is the Source; Love is the goal.  Love is the all encompassing statement of creation. 


It is often missed for in the midst of pursuing the chosen avenues of expression in the earthly school, there are the outer attachments that are made.  There are the outer avenues of expression that seem to have substance, that seem to have meaning,that seem to have the hidden meaning within these expressions that will somehow lead to a greater understanding of oneself. In fact, all of these outer expressions lead to a greater understanding of oneself; but the meaning is not in the expression that is being experienced,but it is in the meaning behind the meaning. It is in the depth of the motivating energy that is part of the expression.


It is from this perspective that the soul does in fact expand in awareness discovering the infinite statement of being that the soul is as an element of creation.  The soul discovers Love in its purest sense through experiencing the absence of Love in so many of these outer expressions.  There is always a thread; there is always a pathway of return. And it is the awakening process that brings the soul along the threads of awakening and back into the realization of who the soul really is.  It is from the inner perspective that the strength and power of the universe and the Creator, is truly known.  And it is from the perspective of Soul Consciousness that all that is necessary, all that is required to exist and to flow through the earthly experience, is instantly acknowledged and is abundantly available.


There is the mistaken notion that the abundance of the earthis the source of security for the passage of the soul through the earthly school.  This is part of the illusion and part of the divergent path that so many souls embark upon thinking that the riches of the world and the abundance of the physical and material aspects of the world are where the true security lies for the eternal statement of expression of the soul.  It is easily seen upon reflection however that these passages through the experiences of life and the accumulation of the abundance of the physical world are indeed a transitory experience and have no substance of its own.  For as the soul progresses through the cycle of experience it has chosen, it will at some point leave the earthly school and what it has accumulated in the external will of course be left behind for it has no eternal value nor eternal qualitative essence that is carried with the soul.


The abundance of the moment is always available to the soul.  There is never anything lacking and all that is needed for the soul’s expression of growth and advancement in awakening to the consciousness of who the soul really is, is always available.  There is a statement that has been made that is part of the spiritual teaching of the past centuries and that is, all that the Divine has is thine.  In other words, all that is necessary, all that is abundantly available within the earthly environment, all that is available within the totality of the eternal and infinite environment of Spirit is always available.  It is only a process of recognizing and the utilizing that which is available moment by moment.


This is a difficult lesson for many souls to learn for thereis always the tendency to put the security and the abundance of the earth as the paramount goal and purpose for existence. This is again like looking in the mirror and seeing the opposite of that which is being projected into the image. Feel and sense the true purpose of your existence.  Know that all of your needs will always be met.  Know that as you maintain an awareness of who you are and as you continue consciously on the pathway of awakening,  the abundance of the universe is at your disposal.  All that you need to bring the fullness of awakening into manifestation will always be available. 


Know that the truth and the purity of the pathway chosen forawakening into Soul Consciousness is the only purpose for existence, and thepurpose is that which has been instituted from the very beginning.

The universe rejoices, the Love and Light of the universe flows freely and supports most abundantly the pathway that is chosen ofawakening to the truth of who you are, awakening to the fullness of Soul Consciousness.


You are embraced in the Love and Light and Life Force of the universe.  The abundance of the universe is always present.  It is the consciousness of the soul thatbrings the abundance into manifestation. And in this flow of consciousness, the truth of who the soul is, is always known and is always presented as aliving reality.  Be all that you are foryou are the Love and Light of the universe.  All is One.  All is connected.  I AM, the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe.