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Welcome to Masters Healing Light Academy

Welcome to the Masters Healing Light Academy. We offer buy one get one free individual attunements and healing sessions. There are some exclusions. See the website for more details!

Masters Healing Light Academy offers many different forms of Distant Reiki Attunements and Reiki Healing, energy based Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Growth Systems, Reiki Courses, Workshops and Services at affordable prices.

All Reiki Courses and Reiki Attunements are professionally accredited by the International Natural Healers Association so you may be assured of the quality of your tuition and the comprehensiveness of the Course materials and Reiki Attunements provided.

We offer attunement-based training and educational programs and workshops for energy-work teachers and practitioners, students and clients as well as a variety of energy and Reiki healing sessions.

At Masters Healing Light Academy we offer many aspects of Natural Healing and Spirituality. We offer over 3000 Courses.

Masters Healing Light Academy is open to All. We offer support for everyone no matter if you are making a purchase or not. Whatever we can do to help you on your journey please ask!


Disclaimer Energy-Based Healing is not a replacement for regular medical care, rather it is a wonderful adjunct to it; continue to follow all advice and take all prescriptions as directed by your health care professionals. Rev. Tracey is not a medical doctor; therefore she cannot diagnose illnesses nor prescribe medications. By purchasing attunements and or receiving healing, you openly acknowledge and accept these facts. The Reiki practitioner is not a physician and is not licensed by the state. Reiki serves only as a method of relaxation and stress reduction. The energy healing services provided by Rev. Tracey and Masters Healing Light Academy are non-invasive, safe, and objective. Our services are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment and medications. Rev. Tracey does not diagnose illness or disease nor prescribe medications. Any medical issues or concerns should be addressed with a qualified physician. As with all forms of health care, individual results vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Some clients may experience “detoxification symptoms” or releases during the 24-48 hours following a session or attunement, which may be somewhat uncomfortable, particularly if a client has been experiencing chronic or heightened levels of stress. Any and all information exchanged relating to a treatment is educational in nature and is intended to help the client become more familiar and conscious of their own health status and is to be used at their own discretion. Any information imparted prior to, during, and/or following treatment is strictly confidential in nature and will not be shared with anyone without the client’s written permission, except as required by law. I understand that the energy services provided by Masters Healing Light Academy or Rev. Tracey represent a general energy balancing and are not intended to replace the advice or services offered by a medical doctor.